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Shock Collar Question - February 6

Ex girlfriend spying to a couple in a bar

Photo: Getty Images

Previously on the Shock Collar Question of the day… we went over reasons people will to try STAY FRIENDS with their exes…. But there are also SCORES of people (like my good friend Jose Bolanos) who DO NOT stay in touch with their former-lovers… Instead, they do the HEALTHY THING... and Spend every waking moment….Silently THINKING about them, wondering: Where their life has taken them…. And what are they doing now...

Thats why a new survey asked 1000 people to “Name something you wonder about an ex… whom you haven’t spoken to in a while?” and I have the Top 4 answers in front of me.

Let’s get into them in a Last Chance At Romance edition of Unglued Family Feud.