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Shock Collar Question - February 13

urban rooftop party - trendy group of people partying together

Photo: Getty Images

I’m no Steve Irwin... but I can recognize a couple of WILD PARTY ANIMALS when I see 'em… You give Brooke a bedazzled outfit & a Semi-Dry place to sleep at the end of the night… and she’ll drink Frank Sinatra’s Ghost under the table. Meanwhile Alexis, on a typical night out… has lost more purses than a disgraced heavy-weight boxer.... 

But partying isn’t all fun and games, cuz the next morning… the hangover sets in… and regrets may not be far behind… Thats why a new survey asked 1000 people, “What’s something you might do at a party, that you’d wake up & regret the next day”

I have the Top 5 answers on the board for a Happy Hour edition of UNGLUED FAMILY FEUD…