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Shock Collar Question - February 14

Valentine's Day Greeting Card. Paper with handwritten text Happy Valentine's Day!, pencil, gift box, envelope and red hearts

Photo: Getty Images

Jeffrey is in the mood for giving some Valentines stats this morning, so i'll give some of my own... Did you know around 9 Million marriage proposals will happen today? And a third of those are coming from Jose's DMs.... Half of adults still think it's romantic to pop the question on Valentines Day. 

Meanwhile, 6% of people HATE the holiday.... 5% think it's the most depressing day of the entire year.... and a recent poll found it's now the LEAST Popular Major Holiday on the calendar.  

And one of the things that makes it so unenjoyable... are TERRIBLE GIFTS from your significant other. 

In fact, a new poll found the TOP 4 LEAST Wanted Gifts that people say they do NOT want to get from their partner... You'll need to guess them, in a Special.... Unromantic, Kill the Mood, Unglued Family Feud