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Shock Collar Question - February 16

Silhouette of Cowboy Leaning Against Wooden Post at Corral

Photo: Getty Images

Part of becoming a RESPONSIBLE ADULT…. Is learning to tackle daily chores, that keep your home in order…. For example: Some of those tasks might include things like: Emptying out your Roomba… Febreezing your Bedsheets… Erasing your Browser history…. 

But back in COLONIAL TIMES, daily chores were a little different…. a little more LABOR INTENSIVE. (AND back then, most daily tasks didn’t even happen INSIDE the house)

So a new survey asked 1000 people to: “Name a daily chore people had to do during colonial times… that we don’t do anymore.” 

I have the Top 5 answers, for a revolutionary edition of Unglued Family Feud.