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Shock Collar Question - March 3

Business man holding microphone. Public speaking and giving speech in suit for audience concept. Fiance, host or best man giving toast with mic in wedding.

Photo: Getty Images

I don’t know if you guys know this, but this thing we do, this show, is heard by dozens of people every morning. I swear I thought we were just doing this for fun. I had no idea so many people were hearing my voice, and it’s probably good you didn’t tell me because I DO NOT DO WELL talking to lots of people at once. LIKE SO BAD.

I’m not alone though because public speaking is one of the most common fears and a new survey asked 1000 people to “Name something a person might worry about when speaking in front of a large group.” I’ll tell you #1 was “Not being prepared” but you’ll have to figure out the rest of the answers in a game of Unglued Family Feud.