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Shock Collar Question - March 8

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When we first played this game a few days ago... it was Bunk or No Bunk. It confused people... so to make it easier we went to Debunk or Double Bunk (which quite possibly, confused even more people) 

So that's when Alexis came to me... turned her hat sideways and said: "Yo! I'm Gen-Z! I know what's chickedy-Chicken Hot! We should call this woke new "shiz".... Cap or No Cap!"... Then I'm pretty sure she said: "Say whaaaa?!?!"

She's pretty animated... shaking her hands & her legs at the same time... so we're gonna TRY IT... Cap or No Cap. 

Cap means... FALSE.

No Cap means... TRUE.

Alright so lets play CAP OR NO CAP