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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - March 23


Photo: AFP

  • Gisele Bündchen finally SPEAKS ON HER DIVORCE! She covers Vanity Fair and says Tom Brady’s unretirement is NOT what caused the divorce, “Wow, people really made it about that. What’s been said is one piece of a much bigger puzzle. It’s not so black and white . . . [it] takes years to happen.”
  • VIDEO: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host Pat Sajak tackles contestant in BIZARRE moment
  • Who’s a better love interest for Adam Sandler in movies….Drew Barry or Jennifer Aniston??? The 3 of them want to a MOVIE TOGETHER and settle this debate once and for all!
  • Jewel says her mother STOLE $100 MILLION from her! “I didn’t really realize what my mom was until I was 30-something. I woke up and realized she embezzled all of my money, over $100 million.”
  • Lindsay Lohan, Lil Yachty, Jake Paul among celebrities hit with SEC charges for TOUTING CRYPTO
  • Now we’re hearing that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are just “ON A BREAK
  • YouTuber Tasha K, who accused Cardi B of HAVING HERPES, apologizes after rapper wins $4 million lawsuit & Tasha loses her appeal!
  •  Doja Cat is recovering from a BREAST REDUCTION and liposuction
  • PICS: Heidi Klum wore a dress that looks like liquid metal and it’s wild!
  • PICS: Olivia Wilde is “39 and feeling fine” in a string bikini
  • Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila Alves and their kids took time to FEED people experiencing homelessness during Paris Fashion Week
  • ‘American Idol’ contestant Sara Beth Liebec calls judge Katy Perry’s ‘MOM SHAMING‘ joke ‘hurtful’
  • VIDEO: Somebody recorded Nirvana’s entire “Nevermind” album using “Super Mario 64” sounds
  • Diddy is getting a reality series on Hulu that will include all 7 OF HIS KIDS
  • VIDEO: Queen Latifah went to see Usher’s Las Vegas residency show for her 53rd birthday . . . and Usher actually went into the audience to hand her flowers
  • VIDEO: Courteney Cox is running herself ragged keeping her Hollywood Walk of Fame star . . . and those of her friends . . . clean
  •  97-year-old Dick Van Dyke suffered minor injuries after he CRASHED HIS CAR into a gate last week, after losing control on a wet road
  • Here’s the trailer for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always”. It hits Netflix on April 19th