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Shock Collar Question - March 27

Sharks swimming, fin out of water, Hawaii

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For a few weeks now... We've been playing a game called: CAP OR NO CAP to start off the show… 

And I reached out to Brooke’s mom (who I talk to everyday - about other stuff)… but one night, not so long ago... we were being flirty… and I said to her in a LOW VOICE… "Sooo, Arlo (thats my pet name for her)…. Arlo, what do you think about the co-hosts performance?... Give me ONE WORD for how each of them have been doing in the CAP OR NO CAP GAME..."

For Alexis she said - “STOP”

For Jose - “SHROOMS”

For her daughter, Brooke - “RAMBLING”

And for Jeff - she used 3 words: “PRIVATE SCHOOL FAIL”

So, not great... but maybe Arlo’s feedback will improve... after we play another round of CAP OR NO CAP

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