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Shock Collar Question - April 3

woman with sushi

Photo: Getty Images

I didn’t wanna do it, but… in the shock collar question of the day.... Lately, The MALES have been completely dominating the game... so we’re gonna celebrate them. 

The rules of Cap or No Cap say… when you’re playing gender vs. gender and one team lose THREE TIMES in a row… they must BOW to the other in a show of humble submission… 

So Brooke & Alexis… you've already lost 2 in a row.... Better loosen up those hip joints,... Cuz ONE MORE “L”... and you'll be KNEELING before Jose repeating these words: “Thou art smarter, than us simple females. We exalt thee!”

But good news Brooke…. if you WIN you don't have to do that! Hopefully you can GET IT DONE…  Lets Play another GUYS VS GIRLS Cap or No Cap 

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