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Shock Collar Question - April 4

Escalators in shopping malls

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We joked about it yesterday... saying that in the GENDER WARS Cap or No Cap... if either team LOSES 3 times in a row... they need to BOW in submission to the other side…. 

Obviously, that was said in jest…. We all know, Brooke will NEVER bow to ANY MAN (unless it's to her new step-father - which will be ME, someday) 

So bowing is OUT…. but, what should be in?  There should be SOME sort of side action… OR consequence… 

Maybe… if one team wins three in a row…. The other team NEEDS to buy them a REWARD, from the break-room?…..  Perhaps a 5 hour energy? a Boiled Egg? Or a month-old Hummus Plate?

So it is agreed!… As we play another round of MEN vs. WOMEN Cap or No Cap

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