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Shock Collar Question - April 5

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Welcome back to BROOKE & JEFFREY Trivia!… Everyone loves a Cinderella story… And thats exactly what we've been witnessing over the last few days… in the EPIC SAGA of…. BOYS VS. GIRLS Cap or No Cap. 

After a HUMILIATING   0-2 start by the Women…  Brooke & Alexis have miraculously clawed their way back… with two consecutive OVERTIME VICTORIES over the boys…. 

And now…. if the ladies can claim a 3rd WIN IN A ROW today... then as punishment.... JOSE & JEFFREY will be forced.... to BUY the girls lunch this afternoon…. (using the credit card they stole out of Brooke's purse)

The pressure is on... and the stakes have never been higher… for another BATTLE OF THE GENDERS EDITION... of Cap or No Cap 

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