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Shock Collar Question - April 6

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It feels like we can’t go one day on this segment without some sort of WILD CONTROVERSY breaking out.... 

And this morning is no different, because after the BOYS IMPRESSIVE VICTORY Yesterday, in "cap or no cap”… Your drug test results came back…

We’ll start with Brooke - whose Blood Alcohol Level registered in the triple digits (doctors, didn't even know that was HUMANLY possible) 

Alexis, the lab found… your hair-dye contains trace amounts of Horse & Rhino Testosterone … which are not legal in this country.

But the boys weren't innocent either… Jose you tested positive for THC, CBD, MDMA and LMNOP.... And Jeffrey I’m the most ashamed of you… because your results show you’ve been using… GENERIC brand Viagra?

I know this is a lot to ASK... but can we PLEASE, keep this a clean game for another Battle of the Sexes  EDITION of – Cap or No Cap.

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