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Shock Collar Question - April 28

Critics Choice Association's 5th Annual Celebration Of Black Cinema & Television

Photo: Getty Images North America

There are Laws in the REAL WORLD… and Laws in the Radio World... There’s also ORDER in the Real World… but not so much order here on this show…. That is, until now... 

Because yesterday… Jose violated the LIMIT… on the amount of words HE SPOKE, compared to his team-mate Alexis... 

Our editor, Ashley had the tedious job of counting them all… and found Jose spoke 306 words to every HALF WORD Alexis said…. Which not only BREAKS stereotypical norms for men & women talking… but also breaks the rules of this game.

So with that said…. TODAY… Jose you will be BOXED.. for the first question. Which means, a literal box will be placed over your head... so you can’t Speak OR even give her eye contact to help… but you CAN do hand motions... which is obviously PERFECT for radio….

These verdicts are FINAL & Legally Binding

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