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Shock Collar Question - May 4

Darth Vader

Photo: Getty Images

Before yesterday, The team of “Jose & Alexis” were on a 3 game losing streak... until we placed a good luck charm in front of them…. “The Show-Crows” (Which are two Decorative Crow shaped Book-ends — we call them: "Show Crow & Mo Crow)

And HOW did it help them?… Well, it gave them the victory… SORT OF… Actually, it was tied & I just awarded Jose & Alexis the “WIN” because we were out of time.

But REALLY the only thing the crows did… was distract Jose during the entire game - while he made loud Crow noises & Bird puns.

So today… the crows are gonna stay on the window (away from Jose) and you're gonna have to do it yourselves… No good luck charms… just 100% Grit... Heart… and dare I say... BRAINS??? (I know that's alot to ask from this group)

But you’re on your own for another edition fo Cap or No Cap.

And in honor of May 4th, each team will receive ONE Star Wars question.... 

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