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Shock Collar Question - May 12

The shmile an instagram pose

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Well, it’s going away... at least, for now…. 

The game CAP OR NO CAP (which we’ve been playing every morning for the last few weeks)… is hitting the road… So it’s time for us to say "Goodbye"

And quickly... i’m gonna give each of you a chance to say your final partings words: 

Brooke you get one sentence... GO. 

Jose… keep it short.

Jeff? Anything?

Alexis… I saw you already texted it the waving emoji…

So now… we’re moving FORWARD... by going BACKWARD… to an oldie but a goodie…. Bring back … the ONE & DONE shock collar

This is where were go around the room - I'll ask each of you a question…  if you get it RIGHT your safe... last person standing TAKES THE SHOCK

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