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Shock Collar Question - May 15

Twitter Reportedly To Cut 50 Percent Of Its Workforce, Under New Elon Musk Ownership

Photo: Getty Images North America

The one & done shock is back from the past…. but that’s not the only thing coming back to haunt you guys this morning…

No, I’m not talking about the Speed Bump that Alexis hit going 70 in a School Zone…. I'm talking about your OLD TWEETS… 

Today’s trivia will be a little different, as we play a game of “WHO TWEETED THAT?”…  I’ll read each of you a POST that someone in this room put on their Twitter…. and if you can identify who WROTE IT… you’re safe…. but if you fail, you’re getting shocked…. 

Let’s jump head-first in to ONE AND DONE VERSION of “WHO TWEETED THAT?”

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