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Shock Collar Question - May 18

misty field portrait

Photo: Getty Images

Now after yesterdays rip roaring good time of a Shock Collar question… I found myself hankering for a bit of the cowpoke life…|

So I’ve spent the past 24 hours practicing lasso tricks… developin’ a strong addiction tha chewin’ tobacky… and learnin’ myself ALLLL the slang of the old west.

And now… each of you Rag-Muffins… is gonna be Give Cowboy slang Term (with the definition)…. you have to tell me if it’s REAL… or if it's a bunch of Bull-Honky…

Get it right, you’re safe to ride off into the sunset….. but, get it wrong you’ll be dueling the energizer bunny at 10 paces… 

It’s time for a High-Flying… Hog-Tying… Edition of the One and Done Shock

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