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Shock Collar Question - June 1

Helicopter ready for departure at Heliport

Photo: Getty Images

Welcome Guys & Gams to “Brooke & Jeffrey Ballpark” for another rousing game of… Ask & Answer.

The smell of the incompetence is INTOXICATING this morning… OR… it may just be that can of lead-based paint I mistook for COFFEE… that’s causing my vision to blur & my voice to become more transatlantic by the second.

Before I pass out, Lets go over today’s lineup.

Leading off.... we’ve got Alexis “Swollen Eyes” Fuller

Followed by “Boo-less” Jose Bolanos...

Then it's the “Maven of Tax Evasion” Brooke Fox

And your cleanup hitter puts the “jock” in “jock itch…” Mr. Jeffrey Dubow.

So, Let’s play ball on another…One and Done Shock Collar question of the day

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