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Shock Collar Question - June 5

Photo: FilmMagic

As a child of divorce, I owe a lot of my upbringing to the world’s greatest babysitter… My Living Room TV.

It’s where I learned countless life lessons .... Like on “Three’s Company" when Jack had to hide a Playboy model in the closet so his two female roommates wouldn’t find out... thats an important lesson to learn when you’re 7 - about HOW TO BE SNEAKY & NOT UPSET YOUR ROOMMATES. 

And then Years later… while watching Grey's Anatomy… I learned if you're a  doctor in a busy hospital - it’s more important to HAVE A BROOM Closet HOOKUP with the Hot Nurse than save your patients lives. I never knew that... 

Did YOU learn anything while you were growing up watching the Boob Tube? We're gonna find out… during a special TV & MOVIES edition…of the One & Done Shock Collar Question of the Day

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