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Shock Collar Question - June 6

Actor in Batman costume in pose in central Dam square

Photo: Getty Images

The other day I was on the old Twitter machine & came across a post from our own Brooke Fox…. where she said… she just learned about a small town called: “Truth or Consequences, New Mexico”.

NATURALLY, my first thought was... “Uh Oh, Brooke must’ve been hitting the Bathtub Moonshine PRETTY HARD that day... and started spreading lies on the INTERNET Again”

But i googled it... and turns out, that's actually a REAL PLACE!… And it gave me an idea…  to find some of the most UNUSUAL town names in the world…. And ask you, if they’re REAL… or just one of Brooke's casual liquor-fueled Fantasies… 

It’s a special... AROUND THE WORLD, REAL OR FAKE, ONE AND DONE, TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, Shock Collar Question of the Day

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