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Shock Collar Question - June 9

College Graduates Throwing Caps

Photo: Getty Images

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College was a special time for everyone in this room…. And I think you all know exactly what I mean by... “Special"

Jose flunked out, after half a semester of community clown college... Alexis Barely got accepted to Boise State on an athletic scholarship… and I'm pretty sure Brooke’s alma mater was dismantled & turned into an OFF-BRAND Chuck E Cheese… called: “LARDO-LARRYS”

While Higher education may NOT be your strong suit… it WILL be the primary focus of today’s trivia questions… when I give you a name & description for a college course that COULD be part of a real university’s curriculum... or it COULD be completely made up.

You'll have to figure it out… during another One and Done, Shock SCHOLAR question of the day