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Shock Collar Question - June 13

Guinness world records museum

Photo: Getty Images

Years ago... there was a man on this show... dare I say, A BOY… who at the time, was the YOUNGEST Of Young Jeffreys… and back in 2021, he attempted to break the world record for the FASTEST Consumption of a single CAPRI SUN…  And, Jeff INSISTED on not using his hands for the challenge saying QUOTE: “that's how my BODY tell me to do it.”

And even though he did shatter the record… and pumped his fists in glory… Guinness sent us a letter back saying: “Sorry, the Youngest of Young Jeffrey’s, but you cheated…. You used a North American Capri Sun package - which is 2 ounces less then the European version… therefore, you are disqualified.” 

SHAME. DISGRACE. HUMILIATION... All those Emotions Jeff felt… have finally washed away...

Which is why… i’m bringing it up again today... to REMIND him of his failure... AND ALSO, because today’s trivia topic is: Guinness World Records… for your ONE AND DONE Shock Collar Question of the Day…

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