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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - June 14

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game

Photo: Getty Images North America

  • PREGNANCY RUMORS spread after Kendall Jenner revealed she’s “having a baby….horse”! And now her boyfriend, Bad Bunny, has responded, “It’s like, ‘What a fool; they have no idea about anything.’ And you laugh too. It’s like, ‘Really, how is that possible?’”
  • VIDEO: Margot Robbie revealed her ONE request when it came to the “Barbie” movie, “Please, please, please can we have a Dreamhouse where she has a slide that goes from her bedroom down to her pool, because that is my goal in life”
  • VIDEO: Nicki Minaj is hyping her new song “Barbie World” with Ice Spice from the new “Barbie” movie soundtrack!
  • Natalie Portman’s response to husband Benjamin Millepied’s AFFAIR…”humiliated”
  • Johnny Depp is DONATING his $1 million settlement from the Amber Heard defamation trial to 5 charities, Make-A-Film Foundation, The Painted Turtle, Red Feather, Tetiaroa Society, and Amazonia Fund Alliance
  • Chris Pratt thinks all DADS FANTASIZE about what they’d do if someone hurt their kids, “Where’s the duct tape and how deep is the trunk?”
  • Hailey Bieber asked her fans to stop leaving RUDE AND MEAN COMMENTS after they flood Selena Gomez’s account with hurtful things!
  • SZA is OUTRAGED not enough people defend Lizzo against all the online harrassment
  • Chris Hemsworth wishes his FAVORTIE CHRIS, Chris Evans, Happy Birthday
  • “No Hard Feelings”, the R-rated comedy where Jennifer Lawrence plays a woman who’s hired by a couple to date their teenage son, was based on a REAL CRAIGSLIST AD
  • PICS: 82-year-old “Harry Potter” minx Miriam Margolyes posed nude for “British Vogue”
  • Jennie apologized to BLACKPINK fans for LEAVING in the middle of a show due to health reasons
  • Tom Holland clarified that his YEAR OFF from acting is almost over, “I’m eight months into my year off…I’ve been chilling at home in London, going to Grands Prix, playing golf.”
  • “Avatar 3” has been delayed from December of 2024 to December of ’25. “Avatar 4” will follow in December of 2029 . . . and Part 5 won’t be here until December of 2031
  • Sir Paul McCartney says artificial intelligence has enabled a ‘final’ BEATLES SONG
  • The little girl From “Jurassic Park” just recreated the GREEN JELLO SCENE at the age of 43…and honestly she looks almost exactly the same
  • Disney will release an ANIMATED SERIES on Disney Junior called “Ariel” next year, inspired by the new “Little Mermaid” movie
  • Stephen Colbert will continue to host “The Late Show” through 2026
  • The trailer for the new Pixar movie “Elio” looks soooooo good!