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Shock Collar Question - June 15

A Federally Endangered Black-footed Ferret on the Plains

Photo: Getty Images

If you follow the hosts of this show on social media…. you might not think they’re the most athletic bunch… but you’d be wrong.

Alexis, was a disgraced college track & field runner. (The disgraceful part? competing in the Mountain West Conference.)

Jose is a 4-time silver slugger… in his Online Baseball Video Game (Finally a league where they don’t drug test)

And Brooke was a 3-year starter on her Middle School’s C-Squad Volleyball team… along with the Narcoleptic kid & the Girl in the Wheelchair.

But, can you FORMER ATHLETES spot the difference... between a genuine sport... and one that I just made up? We're gonna find out… in a testosterone filled… sports-pilled edition…. of the One and Done Shock Collar Question of the Day…

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