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Shock Collar Question - June 16

Greeting Card for Happy Father's Day, on the bed, paper white sheet with text Love You Dad and heart, colorful letters

Photo: Getty Images

In a mere 48 hours… we will each be celebrating the MAN, who years ago… tenderly seduced your mother… and made you happen.

The Man… who wasn't “sleeping at your school play”, he was just resting his eyes… 

The Man…. who for some reason, always had to shake his handful of peanuts… before popping them into his mouth… 

The Man... who threatened 14,000 times… to TURN THIS CAR AROUND... 

So remember… No matter if you get today's answers RIGHT OR HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY WRONG... your Dad still loves you….During a SPECIAL socks & sandals, Fathers Day edition…. of the One and Done Shock Collar Question of the Day. 

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