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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - June 19


Photo: AFP

  • Did you see the viral video of Kourtney Kardashian ANNOUNCING HER PREGNANCY to Travis Barker with a homemade sign during his Blink-182 concert???? She was recreating THIS MOMENT in the “All the Small Things” music video!!! It was super sweet but his ex, Shanna Moakler, says she has known for weeks and fans say that’s proof it was ALL STAGED! Kourtney also debuted BABY BUMP PICS
  • VIDEO: Here’s the trailer for “Squid Game: The Challenge”. That’s the competition show inspired by the series
  • Michael Cera says he and Aubrey Plaza almost GOT MARRIED so they could get a divorce right away and be able to call each other “ex husband” and ex wife”!
  • Sorry AI, Grammy’s release new rule, “ONLY HUMAN creators are eligible”
  • Pete Davidson CHARGED with reckless driving for crashing into a Beverly Hills house in March…the house has since been totally DEMOLISHED
  • PICS: Kris Jenner tried to touch on ALL the fathers in her family…and even included Kanye West
  • PICS: Mindy Kaling wrote the most touching post for her dad on Father’s Day, “My dad shows up . . . it’s funny how my love deepened for my dad when he became a grandfather, the role he was born to play.”
  • Dean McDermott announced in a post online that he and Tori Spelling are getting a DIVORCE after 18 years….they deleted it and now a source says they’re not splitting up!
  • Bonnaroo told people to turn off “crash detection mode” because people’s phones were CALLING 911?
  • Bryan Cranston jokes he inherited Burt Reynolds’ MUSTACHE when he died and had it sewn on
  • PICS: Demi Moore posted this fun throwback to pay tribute to Bruce Willis
  • Dolly Parton has released two more ROCK SONGS… one is a remake of Heart’s “MAGIC MAN” and the other is a new track called “BYGONES
  • Snoop says he doesn’t look at Martha Steweart’s THIRST TRAP PICS, “That’s a lane we both stay out of”
  • PICS: Priyanka Chopra father’s day post, “He is your biggest champion. He’ll be the loudest in the room when you win. His wisdom will be the shoulders you stand on. Your tears will break his heart . . . His joy is your joy. He is dada or dad or papa or whatever you call them.”