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Shock Collar Question - June 21

Happy Dog Summer, Pomeranian Dog Pool

Photo: Getty Images

It’s June 21st…. the first day of summer (and longest day of the day)… or as I like to call it “The Solstice with the Molstice.”


And if I wanted to be a complete downer... I COULD point out the fact that every single day from now til December, will have less & less daylight… which will no doubt, SLOWLY plunge us all towards a deep dark seasonal depression…that brings down, not only OUR moods, but every single person we love... til we're all left weeping in the blackness of an empty room… 

But i’m NOT gonna do that! (nope, not even gonna bring it up)…. instead, I thought we could do some light hearted trivia about Summer!


So unfold your picnic blankets…. put on your Brooke & Jeffrey branded one-piece swimsuits (coming soon to Brooke and… and let’s dig in to a SUN-SOAKED Summer Edition of the One and Done Shock Collar Question of the Day!

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