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Shock Collar Question - June 27

There are ONLY 3 DARES remaining….. in Brooke and Jeffrey’s You Wouldn’t Dare Summertime Challenge… And it’s time we put the Silly Dances aside… and mentally lock in…. with the “Dare-Devil mindset”. 

Thats why today’s questions are all about the worlds greatest, most FEARLESS stuntman…. Evel Knievel…. It’s OK if you don’t know him…. Alexis’s mom used to HANG with him, after high school

All you NEED to know is… he jumped his motorcycle over scary things a lot, and crashed his motorcycle EVEN MORE… You’re all no strangers to failure here, so this shouldn’t be any harder than jumping 14 greyhound busses…. Its time for a DEATH-DEFYING EDITION… of the One & Done Shock Collar Question of the Day!

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