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Shock Collar Question - June 28

Someone holding a Cheese Toast before eating.

Photo: Getty Images

We’re just days away from Brooke attempting her Drive Thru Decalathon DARE (for Brooke & Jeffrey’s Summertime Challenge)…

Where she will take 10 consecutive trips around a Fast food drive thru... eating 10 different fast food items… 

The crazy thing is… she’s not the first person to attempt this BRAVE FEAT…. Our own Jose Bolanos, was the original DE-CATHLETE… when he went for gold … Exactly One decade ago. 

And even though he WAS disqualified for cheating (along with rumors of rampant Illegal substance abuse)… That day changed his life & his digestive tract forever…

So to HONOR Jose (and the Sculpted Body he sacrificed for radio glory)… we’re going back to the year of the original Drive Thru Decathalon… In an ALL-2013 edition… of the One and Done Shock Collar Question of the Day! 

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