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Shock Collar Question - July 12

Sloth baby resting on the top of a tree

Photo: Getty Images

The last time Jose put his body to the test, was back in December… when he attempted to watch the ENTIRE Home Alone Series on his couch… while only eating broccoli & a tub of gluten free crackers..... and using an empty mountain dew can as a urinal.

But we all know the human body is capable of way more than you ever could imagine....and Jose.... I believe the listeners, station management, our advertisers & this entire show are all behind you when I say…. WE BELIEVE IN YOU - that you can pull off the achievement no one has done before in the history of time… The 100 step sloth-a-thon challenge.

So in honor of your quest for glory.... we're giving everyone in the room a SLOTH-THEMED edition of the One and Done Shock Collar Question of the Day.

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