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Shock Collar Question - July 19

Young woman with disgusted expression repulsing something, isolated on the pink

Photo: master1305 / iStock / Getty Images

We’re just days away from the Grand Finale of Brooke & Jeffrey’s “You Wouldn’t Dare” Summertime Challenge… where Alexis will have to decide to either: EAT IT or WEAR IT from 10 mystery items brought into work by Brooke that day…

Wearing questionable things & calling them “CLOTHES” is not really a big issue for her (thats just her regular life). The real problem is… Alexis is one of the world’s most notoriously PICKY eaters

So to help get her into the proper mindset… I’ve found some of the most bizarre, disgusting & impressive feats of food consumption… and turned them into trivia question…. For a special Stuff Your Face edition of the One & Done Shock Collar Question of the Day.

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