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Shock Collar Question - July 21

Funny beauty girl looking through two pink donuts. Diet, dieting concept. Junk food, Slimming, weight loss

Photo: Isabel Pavia / Moment / Getty Images

 Today, Alexis attempts her Eat it or Wear It Challenge … where she’ll be stuffing her face AND decorating her body… with various unholy items that Brooke has rescued from the deepest, darkest areas of her kitchen. (Splat)

It’s a bit Ironic, that this challenge… just happens to fall on NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY. 

So to help Alexis prepare for the caloric nightmare ahead of her… ALL of today’s questions will be about…. processed, fatty, sugar-filled junk foods… Perfect for a mid-day snack… OR… to wear as a hat.

In a SPECIAL… You Wouldn’t Dare Summer Time Challenge FINALE EDITION of the One & Done Shock Collar Question of the Day!

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