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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - July 31

  • VIDEO: Concert goers throws drink at Cardi B…she immediately HURLS her microphone right back!!! Even Cardi RETWEETED A VIDEO! Now she’s getting accused of LIP SYNCING since the song just kept going!
  • ‘Barbie’ is becoming a new litmus test for DATING MEN…“It’s like the new question on a first date or your dating profile: ‘What are your thoughts on the ‘Barbie’ movie?’”
  • PICS: Michelle Yeoh married her fiancé after a 19-YEAR engagement
  •  It’s apparently a boom time for Hollywood PLASTIC SURGEONS, because striking actors and actresses can lay low while recovering from cosmetic procedures
  • Lady Gaga reflects on ‘painful’ but ‘beautiful’ process of LOSING FRIEND Tony Bennett to Alzheimer’s
  • Taylor Swift fans in Seattle caused seismic activity equivalent to a 2.3-magnitude EARTHQUAKE
  • Kevin Federline and their boys are MOVING to Hawaii and there’s no plans to see Britney Spears before they leave
  • VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson has X-rated reaction to female fan’s flirty sign
  • VIDEO: The “I Like Turtles” kid is grown up now and did a funny promo for the new “TMNT” movie!