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Shock Collar Question - August 11

Retro old school design ghetto blaster boombox stereo radio cassette tape recorders from 80s front concrete wall background. Nostalgic Rap, Hip Hop, R&B music concept. Vintage style filtered photo

Photo: BrAt_PiKaChU / iStock / Getty Images

Legend has it… On this day 50 years ago at a party in the Bronx… a guy named DJ Cool Herc busted out his turn-tables… and the genre of hip hop music was officially born. 

The Legend ALSO says… Brooke called in 7 noise complaints on that party… telling them to QUOTE: “Keep that Darn Rap music Down” (which can’t be confirmed)

But, to honor that historic moment in Hip Hop Music history… we’re doing a special ONE & DONE… DMC RUN…. PUSHA T ONCE WROTE A SONG ABOUT DRAKE HIDING A SON…. Shock Collar Question of the Day. 

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