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Shock Collar Question - August 16

Roller coaster

Photo: Alan Schein Photography / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Time to Lock in your Safety-Harness & put down your Novelty 40 oz. Barrel of Pink Raspberry Lemonade…. cuz today is National Roller Coaster Day. 

Roller Coasters were ORIGINALLY created in the late 1800s… to distract bored people from thinking about sinning…  but today, its how thrill seekers & dare devils get their jollies off….

Now, management recently banned us from any PUBLIC JOLLYING in the studio… but what we can do…. is have you all take part in a special… ONE & DONE… 360 SPUN… KEEP YOUR HANDS INSIDE THE STUDIO & HOLD ON TO YOUR BUNS… SHOCK COLLAR Question of the Day. 

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