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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - August 31

Bucks n' Roses

Photo: Juanmonino / E+ / Getty Images

  • The contestants on the “Golden Bachelor” have finally been REVEALED!!!! They are all over 60 and one of them is the 70 year old MOTHER of former “Bachelor” star Matt James!!! [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO]
  • Couldn’t afford tickets to the Eras tour??? Now Taylor Swift is letting you relive the entire thing in THEATERS! 
  • HBO’s Max streaming service might add CNN News alerts that pop up . . . MID MOVIE???
  • Nick Cannon’s OWN BROTHER has to google his nieces and nephews names because he hasn’t met all of Nick’s kids yet!
  • VIDEO: Ariana Grande surprised fans at a beauty pop-up store in New York City by literally popping up from behind the counter
  • Jake Gyllenhaal shared SWEET ADVICE his mother gave him on starting something new, “If you want to learn about any subject, start in the children’s section, and then work your way to the more complicated aspects of it because the most difficult thing to do is to explain something simply.”
  • “Friends” director reveals there was one actor on the show that just WAS NOT FUNNY but it was too late to recast
  • PICS: Ever wonder what Vin Diesel with hair looks like??? It’s exactly why an old pic from a 2006 movie called “Find Me Guilty” is going viral
  • Jimmy Kimmel claims he was ready to RETIRE, but changed his mind when the writers strike started