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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - September 11

Zoe Saldana Star on Walk of Fame Ceremony

Photo: Getty Images North America

  • Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis release VIDEO addressing ‘pain’ caused by Danny Masterson letters after BACKLASH…but VERY ICKY OLD interview clips of Ashton with Mila and Danny resurface…and Christina Ricci releases poignant statement on “awesome guys” who are ABUSERS
  • VIDEO: In honor of those lost on September 11th, Queen Latifah performed a dramatic rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” and it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!
  • Elon Musk and Grimes secretly welcomed a 3rd BABY and named it Techno Mechanicus
  •  “The Drew Barrymore Show” will return soon, but WITHOUT WRITERS, “I own this choice. We are in compliance with not discussing or promoting film and television that is struck of any kind.”
  • Fans feel like Jimmy Buffett is giving them LIFE ADVICE with his new song that was released POSTHUMOUSLY …and his wife’s TOUCHING TRIBUTE will make you cry
  • Chad Kroeger is officially done talking about how everyone HATES NICKELBACK, “I’m over it. We made a documentary, everybody can watch it. And now from this day forward, if anybody asks that question in the press, it’s like that’s the end of the interview.”
  • PICS: Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Portuguese actress Alba Baptista, got married
  • VIDEO: Chelsea Handler is engaged . . . to herself
  • Ice Spice has a new collaboration with DUNKIN hitting next week
  • Amanda Bynes appears to be getting her face tattoo REMOVED
  • Beastie Boys SQUARE was unveiled this weekend in Manhattan’s Lower East Side…it’s the same street corner as their 1989 “Paul’s Boutique” album cover
  • PICS: John Stamos’ ’60s-themed 60th birthday party
  • New WORLD RECORD SET! Pennsylvania man goes to 777 movies in a single year
  • VIDEO: Robin Thicke stumbling around drunk outside a club…and his fiancée is not impressed