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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - September 21

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Las Vegas, NV

Photo: Getty Images North America

  • People went SO CRAZY after Jason Kelce said it is “100% true” that his NFL brother Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were dating they didn’t hear the two most important words he immediately said after….which were “”No, I’M JOKING
  • Sophie Turner is SUING Joe Jonas and accusing him of withholding their children’s passports and refusing to let them travel to see her…and rumors are Sophie found out Joe filed for divorce THROUGH THE MEDIA! And Sophie is receiving SUPPORT from Joe’s other ex…Taylor Swift!
  • VIDEO: *NSYNC was seriously suffering after taping their “Hot Ones” interview!
  • VIDEO: Kim Kardashian makes her ‘American Horror Story’ debut with NSFW opening line
  • Wait what???? According to Matthew McConaughey it was HIS OWN MOTHER who started the rumor he and Woody Harrelson were brothers! She said she “knew” Woody’s dad during a time when she was separated from Matt’s father
  • Lana Del Ray finally admitted she didn’t actually WORK AT A WAFFLE HOUSE, “This guy, a regular, comes in every day and orders two things, so they were like, ‘Just go get it for him! I brought him a Coke. No ice. And an empty cup.”
  • VIDEO: Olivia Wilde’s hot take….good singers should NOT do Karaoke!
  • VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson’s ad for a British baking company might be among his best work
  • George R. R. Martin, John Grisham, and Jonathan Franzen are among a group of authors SUING the artificial intelligence company OpenAI for copyright infringement
  •  Tom Hanks will CLEAN TOILETS, tell jokes, and serve food if it’ll get him into outer space
  • Cabbage Patch Kids have a dark side???? A new DOCUMENTARY about the height of the craze looks like a wild ride!
  • Here’s the trailer for the “Hunger Games” prequel, “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes”