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Shock Collar Question - October 16

The lady was to blame from her boss after work fail

Photo: Anchalee Phanmaha / Moment / Getty Images

Before we start the trivia… I’ve a prepared statement, that I definitely composed myself & nobody pre-wrote for me…

*Ahem*: "Today is National Bosses day. Everybody loves their boss but especially me, Digital Jake. I can’t believe we only get one day a year to celebrate the great, fearless leaders that run this wonderful company. We are all soooooooo lucky to have such fantastic Bosses, and I personally would not be the man I am today without the guidance & mentoring I receive from them each & every day. END NOTE. PERIOD."

So yeah, it’s bosses day & I definitely was not threatened into choosing this topic for our trivia, I DEFINITELY did this under my own free will. Lets get into a One & Done, bosses are great and we should respect them because work is so fun… Shock Collar Question of the Day. 

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