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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - October 17

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - October 15, 2023

Photo: GC Images

  • Jenna Hager Bush said on the Today show that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce might be BUYING A HOUSE TOGETHER…but other sources say that’s TOTALLY FALSE
  • PICS: Lance Bass holds up “Not Taylor Swift” sign at Chargers-Cowboys game
  • Taylor Swift fans have just noticed a longstanding CONNECTION between her and Travis Kelce!
  • Britney Spears reveals why she SHAVED OFF HER HAIR in 2007
  •  Pink had to POSTPONE her shows tonight and tomorrow due to an undisclosed family medical emergency
  • Chuck Norris will play himself and battle ZOMBIES ON A PLANE…with Vanilla Ice of course!
  • Millie Bobby Brown is ready for THE END of “Stranger Things”, “”‘Stranger Things’ takes up a lot of time to film and it’s preventing me from creating stories that I’m passionate about. So I’m ready to say, ‘Thank you, and goodbye.'”
  • VIDEO: Cardi B posing for Skims!
  • Ariana Grande is working on NEW MUSIC in New York
  •  Steve Martin and Martin Short will TOUR AGAIN in 2024
  • PICS: Kendall Jenner partied at four Midwest universities to promote her 818 Tequila…she served drinks, did meet-and-greets, and signed bottles
  •  “The Drew Barrymore Show” returned and Drew didn’t make any mention of the WRITERS’ STRIKE . . . or how she handled it
  • “Top Gun” is now a REALITY SHOW! “Top Gun: The Next Generation” coming to Nat Geo, gets unprecedented access to follow Navy students training to become strike fighter pilots