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Shock Collar Question - October 17

Dogs birthday party,Two dogs with party hats,Poland

Photo: IzaLysonArts / 500px / 500px / Getty Images

Most of the time during this segment… i’m scouring the internet digging up RANDOM TRIVIA… about some Trumped up, corporately sponsored, Nonsense holiday…. like “Homemade Tweed Vest Month”… or “National Hug a Strange Child Day”….

But NOT THIS TIME… Because this morning, we actually have a REAL... Bonafide…. MAJOR Holiday the entire country celebrates…. The birthday, of the Patriarch of parody… the Daddy of all dandies… and the doppelganger of the driver of the #9 Napa Auto Parts car in the NASCAR Cup Series… Our very own, Young Jeffrey.

IT’s HIS birthday… So today you’ll each get to test your knowledge of your co-host…. in a special One and Done, Birthday Fun, Shock Collar Question of the Day

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