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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - October 18

"Crossroads" Hollywood Premiere

Photo: FilmMagic, Inc

  • Fans revisiting “Everytime” VIDEO after Britney Spears reveals she had an ABORTION with Justin Timberlake! But Britney says Justin also CHEATED on her with “another celebrity”….and now Timberlake is facing a RECKONING after his treatment of her!
  • PICS: Kelly Clarkson debuts big weight loss and fans are speculating whether or not she’s using Ozempic
  • Travis and Jason Kelce joke about the “terrifying” moment they say Taylor Swift talking to THEIR DAD, “He’s probably saying, ‘I’ve taken all of your CDs out of the local library.”‘
  • There’s a SUPER WEIRD CONSIPIRACY THEORY that Eminem died 17 years ago in a car crash and that he is now just an ANDROID CLONE! Sooooo Happy 51st Birthday Slim Shady?
  • Is Tom Cruise grooming Timothée Chalame to be the NEXT TOM CRUISE????
  • PICS: OOOOOH red lipstick is smudged all over Travis Kelce’s face as they get out of the back of their ride together
  • Kourtney Kardashian says an ultrasound saved her BABY’S LIFE
  • Sophia Bush DATING SOCCER STAR Ashlyn Harris after respective divorce filings
  • Adele reveals she GAVE UP DRINKING 3 months ago but says: ‘It’s boring. I miss it so much”…and everyone wants to know is that an ENGAGEMENT RING on her hand????
  • VIRAL VIDEO of a Swiftie being chased by mall security in Mexico after stealing a cardboard poster for the “Eras Tour” movie
  • Courteney Cox says getting fillers was “TOTAL WASTE OF TIME“…. adding I “wish I hadn’t caved into the pressure”
  • Maren Morris FILES FOR DIVORCE from her husband Ryan Hurd after 5 years
  • The Office showrunner Greg Daniels addresses revival rumors…and he DOESN’T DENY IT!
  • Here’s the TRAILER for “The Santa Clauses” Season 2….starring Eric Stonestreet as the Mad Santa and Tracy Morgan as the Easter Bunny