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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - October 26

2023 TIME100 GALA

Photo: Getty Images North America

  • VIDEO: Kim Kardashian was going to take Karl Lagerfeld’s $13 million CAT as her date to the Met Gala…but then it attacked her!
  • Usher is desperately trying to get Justin Bieber to JOIN HIM for the Super Bowl Halftime show…but he’s refusing & only wants to concentrate on his health
  • Travis Kelce hilariously DANCING with the KC Current women’s soccer team for charity is the most lovable thing ever!
  • Justin Timberlake reportedly NOT HAPPY with Britney’s book….which has sold over 400,000 COPIES!
  • Beyonce is being PRAISED after a 2007 interview resurfaced of a journalist trying to bait her into saying something negative about Britney Spears….and failing
  • Eminem launches MOM’S SPAGHETTI jarred pasta sauce line!
  • New study says Gen Z wants LESS SEX, more platonic relationships in TV and movies
  • PICS: The Rock’s wax figure has been fixed!
  • OIivia Rodrigo regrets that she didn’t get to be a BABYSITTER before she got famous
  • Just a list of celebrities who have had SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS WITH GHOSTS! 
  • VIDEO: Beyoncé did an unboxing video for her new Ce Noir perfume
  • Did you know that the character of Veronica Corningstone in “Anchorman” was based on REAL LIFE NEWS ANCHOR Jessica Savitch?
  • PICS: Sofia Vergara hung out with some of her “Modern Family” co-stars . . . in her giant closet
  • VIDEO: Here’s the preview of Chris Pine’s song from the upcoming Disney movie “Wish”
  • We have a the trailer for “Maestro”, starring Bradley Cooper as composer Leonard Bernstein