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Shock Collar Question - November 2

20 Minutes - Macro Of An Analog Chrome Kitchen Timer With Dark Background And Reflection

Photo: Devenorr / iStock / Getty Images

For months we've been doing the ONE & DONE SHOCK.n…. but you know what it's time for?… We’re putting it in the blender… NOT DOING it today…Maybe we’ll bring it back tomorrow… Maybe Not…. 

But Instead… we're gonna shine a UV SPOTLIGHT… on the brightest, fake tan in the studio (maybe in the whole state)… our own Alexis Fuller.… Alexis how do you feel about having ALL THE ATTENTION ON YOU RIGHT NOW?

Good. Cuz the name of this game is called: “3 Seconds With Alexis” 

We’re going to ask her the EASIEST, TRIVIA QUESTIONS on earth… but beforehand, you’ll each have to predict - if she’s gonna get it RIGHT or WRONG.

The only challenge Alexis will be facing???… She only has 3 seconds to come up with the correct answer. So she’s gotta be a QUICK THINKER…

Will you bet on her… will you not?  It’s 3 Seconds with Alexis

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