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Brooke's 60 Second Sleaze - November 3

  • Swifties have been camped out for 5 MONTHS in Argentina in order to be front row at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour!!!
  • Sorry but the FINAL EPISODES of “Yellowstone” aren’t coming out for another year…and the 3rd seasons of “THE WHITE LOTUS” and “EUPHORIA” will both be delayed until 2025
  • Al Pacino to pay $30,000 A MONTH in child support for his newborn baby!
  • HBO boss admits forcing staffers to write MEAN TWEETS to TV critics under fake accounts was a “very dumb idea”
  • Missy Elliott’s mom will watch her daughter perform in person for the FIRST TIME EVER, when she’s inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight
  • VIDEO: Joe Jonas was told by a CVS security guard that he looks “crazy in person”
  • Jennifer Lopez says Ben Affleck makes her feel MORE BEAUTIFUL than she ever has
  • Word is things are GETTING SERIOUS between Leonardo DiCaprio and his 25-year-old girlfriend
  • You can now HEAR the very last Beatles song, “Now and Then”
  • PICS: Mariah Carey is leaning into the holidays even harder with new Mariah Christmas MERCH!
  • VIDEO: Here’s what it would be like if Jennifer Coolidge was your Uber driver….thanks to comedian Molly Clark
  • PICS: Billie Eilish’s new hair is giving off serious AccuWeather vibes
  •  Lisa Marie Presley saw the script for “Priscilla” before she died, and HATED IT…she told director Sofia Coppola that she found it “vengeful and contemptuous” toward her dad, and showed him as, “a predator and manipulative”
  • Ryan Gosling is a stuntman on a mission for Emily Blunt in “The Fall Guy” TRAILER