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Shock Collar Question - November 8

Bags of Popcorn Clapper Board and Movie Reels on Retro Wood Background

Photo: skodonnell / E+ / Getty Images

Not since the Swiffer Olympics of ’94 has a game swept the nation so quickly… In just one week, it’s become more popular than 60 minutes… 7 Minutes in Heaven… and the Jack Bauer Power Hour combined. 

It’s… “3 Seconds With Alexis.”

A trivia game SO PAINFULLY EASY, we almost called it “Brooke after one Cosmopolitan” …. but instead we've focused on the BRILLIANT BLONDE with the smoothest brain this side of Shutter Island… Alexis Fuller. 

Will you trust your fate in her hands? Or will you bet against her?

It’s 3 Seconds With Alexis!

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