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Shock Collar Question - November 14


Photo: AFP

We’ve playing this game for about a week... And If you’ve heard it… it’s a trivia game with Alexis, where she answers EASY QUESTIONS that most toddlers would get right during their nap times… 

But… the game had a little twist to make it more difficult… she had to answer… VERY VERY QUICKLY… 

And we realized… MAYBE we’re being a tad bit unreasonable… by setting such a short time limit, of only 3 seconds… 

So - in the spirit of Balance & Fairness (like Brooke’s Favorite news network)…. We’re going to increase the time, she’ll have to answer

So without further ado… instead of 3 Seconds with Alexis… It’s…. …. 3 AND A HALF Seconds with Alexis

3 and half seconds is an ETERNITY in radio time... so she has absolutely NO EXCUSE to get any of these wrong now...  Will you put your faith in her or not? 

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