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Shock Collar Question - November 15

Screech Owl

Photo: Jens_Lambert_Photography / iStock / Getty Images

Over the last few weeks we’ve been playing a new game show testing the trivia knowledge of our… Blonde-Haired… Blood-Shot-Eyed… can we say: “Beauty???”

Her names Alexis… and she shocked the WORLD the other day… when we gave her a question about shoe-polishing and Black eyes... and she miraculously knew the word: “SHINER”… but didn’t know the LETTER K….

So you never know WHAT You’re gonna get…. It is a TRUE FACT we asked her to come up with ONE LETTER in the periodic table… she went with LOL… 3 Letters. 

So i’m equal parts excited & nervous... for whites gonna happen… when we play….  The Game FORMERLY KNOWN as 3 seconds with Alexis….. NOW, it’s “3 and a HALF Seconds with Alexis”… 

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