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Shock Collar Question - November 27

Scrabble tiles spelling THINK

Photo: martince2 / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

We’ve been doing a new game on this show for hte last couple weeks… where our own GEN-Zers & social media coordinator, Alexis Fuller... answers trivia… that MOSTLY has to do with the Alphabet & other Kindergarten Level Subjects…

But she’s been on the struggle bus during this dark & difficult time… which is why her Family reached out with some supportive messages for her… 

This first one is from her Mother Barb who says: “Honey, dont listen to these guys. It doesn’t matter how much you know, you’ll always be my best gal pal! Lets go out in Camas this weekend and SLAY… Vodka Crans ON YOU!”

This next encouraging message is from your teenage brother Owen… who says: “I love you big sis. You're my hero. I’m using your trivia answers you say on the radio, Directly on my tests at school now. I get back the grades tomorrow. I'm so excited”

And finally, this one's from your Dad: “We’re all pulling for you sweet heart. But if you wouldn’t mind getting back to me about your car insurance premium. It went up AGAIN, did something happen?”

So clearly, you have the full support of your family... BUT, will you have the support of your RADIO FAMILY ??… Lets find out, as we dive into another of …. Three and a Half Seconds With Alexis….

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