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Shock Collar Question - December 4

Christmas Lighting

Photo: Diane Macdonald / Moment Open / Getty Images

Have any of you in this room wondered… what Christmas was like for our own Alexis Fuller, when she was a child?…. Turns out, it was more magical than you might think… Every year, her family had a Disney Themed Christmas Tree… with a small Barbie Themed Tree in Alexis’s room….

They left Milks & Cookies out for Santa... and threw Baby Carrots out into their yard for Rudolph & the Reindeer….

But her STRONGEST memory from the holiday season? Was asking her parents for an electric Scooter... and NEVER getting one, YEAR after YEAR after YEAR of soul-crushing disappointment... She was angry... and cried… and dreamed of riding on her 2 Wheeled Pegasus to the Local Discount Tanning Salon… but it never happened. 

So even though this may be difficult to swallow… Today, we’re gonna bring Alexis’ back to her childhood... and give her trivia questions... ALL about Christmas…. in a special holiday edition of “3 And a Half Seconds With Alexis” 

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